07Apr 2017
Green Scoop Pet Waste Service in Columbus

Congratulations to Corrie, Green Scoop’s employee spotlight this Spring! Corrie is a valuable team member on the Green Scoop crew. She has been on the team since early on and is a dedicated and motivated employee.  Jendell Duffner, Green Scoop CEO states “Corrie is a hardworking employee. She has a great attitude always ready to […]

15Mar 2017

Each year GreenSpot recognizes three organizations (small, medium, large) who have demonstrated excellence in business practices that produced environmental benefits; going above and beyond the requirements of their program. In 2015 Green Scoop was recognized for our innovative approach to pet waste disposal. More about the award at: https://www.columbus.gov/greenspot/share/spotlight-awards/  

19Dec 2015
bio gas yeild from pet waste

Our kitty litter waste yields highest amount of energy at around 300 gallons per ton of litter, almost equivalent as vegetable oil. Food waste yields about 280 gallons of natural gas per ton. Dog waste yields about 240 gallons of natural gas per ton of waste. Sewage sludge yields only 80 gallons of natural gas. […]

15Jan 2015
dispatch article

Here’s the scoop: Jendell Duffner wants to turn the pet poop that’s littering your backyard into something useful. Duffner’s new business, Green Scoop Pet Waste Recycling, picks up dog and cat waste and then transports it to a compost or energy facility where it can be transformed into natural gas. Read the full article at […]