From the Compost Farm

David Lees The Compost Farm Ohio

Do you have food waste to recycle? Want to buy compost or soil in bulk?

Meet David Lees, president of The Compost Farm, in Alexandria, Ohio.

The Compost Farm, in business since 2003, sells mulch, topsoil and compost from cow or horse manure that has been composted for  six months into a rich sweet-smelling soil amendment.

The farm will accept food waste without meat or cheese (NO Meat or Cheese, please).


The Compost Farm offers the following products direct from the farm:

  • topsoil
  • compost (from cow & horse manure)
  • firewood
  • mulch

To arrange for purchase of these products contact David Lees at (740) 817-0161 or send him a message via email below.





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